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Rabata Cloud Storage

Our company is not just a leading supplier of S3 storage. We are a team of highly qualified specialists who create the most innovative and efficient solutions for storing and managing data in the cloud. We understand how important data is to your business, and therefore our main mission is to provide the security and reliability of storing your data.

We guarantee high data availability, scalability, and protection against data loss. Our solution is the perfect choice for businesses of any scale looking for reliable data storage. We use only the most modern technologies and tools to ensure high performance and efficiency.We are ready to provide you with all the necessary tools for managing your data in the cloud and help you take your business to the next level.

Ransomware Protection

Rabata makes your data immutable: once written, they cannot be changed.

High Redundancy

3x times across different data clouds to provide the highest data redundancy.

S3-compatible API

You can use 100% of S3 API features including versioning and ACL.

DDoS Protection

Access to all files is protected from DDoS attacks to ensure uninterrupted access.

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Total Data Stored

576 TB

1 TB
1 PB

Monthly Downloaded Data

576 TB

1 TB
1 PB

Rabata Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure

Amazon S3

Google Cloud

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